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Relevents: Josué Flores

Relevents_JosueFloresJOSUÉ FLORES (far left), a soldier at The Salvation Army San Pedro Sula Corps in Honduras, talks about music, his relationships with doctors and officers who visit Honduras to help the poor, and the importance of God’s presence in the workplace.


Music is a big part of me. However, when I was a child, I told my father that I never wanted to learn music. Nonetheless, he forced me to take my first lesson, and I remember crying during that class! But after crying, music awakened something in me and I continued the lessons. Today, when I see my father, music is always part of our chats. Sometimes I even play while he sings. It’s so much more than just an activity. Music is a way to touch hearts, bring joy to a congregation, and worship the Lord. It’s a privilege to play for Him.


The doctors and nurses from the Ohio medical brigade have been coming to the San Pedro Sula Corps for many years, providing care to the most needy people of Honduras. The first year they came, they were cordial but strict and by the book. It was clear that they had a job to do. But the second year and every time after that, I could feel something more coming from them. It was like having family visit. We learned more about each other’s lives, and the love that we share for our corps. Today, talking to Dr. Russ Raymond [of the Raymond Foundation] is like talking to a second dad. The time that he, the doctors, and Salvation Army officers spend here inspires all of us to work harder all year long.


I work as a receptionist in a luxury hotel, and my co–workers know that I am a Salvationist. Having the peace of God with you is always good, but when dealing with others who may be angry or frustrated, His peace becomes a useful workplace tool. For example, I had a challenging relationship with a boss. But I kept being myself and doing the best work I could do. One day, she asked me about my relationship with God, and I told her about the Army. Afterwards, she began seeking God in her life, and even started going to church. Now, she begins her work shift with a prayer, as do I. What a beautiful way to start the workday! In our jobs and careers, God places us where He needs us to be His voice, and where we can do the most good.


My mother’s favorite Bible verse, Josué (Joshua) 1:9, reads, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” She reminded me of this when I told her that I was scared to leave Guatemala and live in Honduras. I didn’t feel that I was prepared for the challenges. When I arrived in Honduras, I read that same verse in a Salvation Army publication. It was a sign. No matter where I go, God will be with me.


Every time I talk to my mother on the phone, she reminds me from Guatamala that she’s praying for me. She asks God to watch over me, and I tell her that her prayers have always been answered.


Everyone who comes to visit the San Pedro Sula   Corps, such as officers, doctors, and pastors from other churches, say there is something about the corps that leaves a positive influence on their lives. We present ourselves as a church, and even more so as a family, welcoming you to our home. We’re simply young people who love Christ.

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