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The Pope and The Salvation Army

Last December, General André Cox met at the Vatican with Pope Francis for the first private meeting between an Army General and a Pope. They discussed the Salvation Army’s and the Catholic Church’s shared love of God and of people around the world.

Reflections_insThe General presented the Pope with a gift of two books, The Salvation Army Year Book 2015 and the newly published Conversations with the Catholic Church, which documents public discussions that have taken place between Army and Catholic Church leaders.

“These talks have revealed so many points of faith that connect us together,” the General said.

Pope Francis spoke warmly about his first encounter with El Ejército De Salvación (The Salvation Army) in Argentina. At age four, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, saw two Salvation Army women wearing bonnets and uniforms. His grandmother told him that they were not Catholics, but were still “good people.” This encounter and his grandmother’s subsequent  response awakened him to the Army’s presence.

“This was the first sermon I had ever heard about ecumenism, and it has influenced my ecumenical walk,” said Pope Francis.

by Hugo Bravo

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