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‘Put it close to Jesus’

The family homeless shelter connected to the Salvation Army’s Norristown, Pa., Corps provides more than a roof over your head, a bed, and food, you’re also invited to attend worship services on Sunday, if you so desire.

“We understand that we may not have the seeds we are planting for very long,” says Major Jessie Irwin, the corps officer in Norristown. “We just try to help and include them every minute we can. We want them to feel like they’re at home, and that God is there.”

One little girl who stayed in the shelter with her family felt that love and wanted to return it to Irwin, who wrote about the experience:

She brought her treasure with her to worship and patiently waited the whole service until I could speak with her. She had a plan for it, and I only needed to kneel low enough to see her eye–to–eye to be able to hear her gentle voice.

With her young pre-school hands and imagination, she had created a butterfly.

For me.

To place on my “Doggie Door” (my office is the closest to the chapel entrance and has several photos of our family’s black Lab.)

Listening to her description, I asked her which panel on the door she would like: the low two so she could touch it, the next level so she could see it or up high so it would be close to Jesus.

“Oh, please, please put it close to Jesus!”

She blesses my heart with so much genuine joy and compassion. She has so very little, but her family is helping her see that since they are together, they have everything.

Her family lives in our On-Site Family Shelter in Norristown, Pa., and they join us for worship as often as they can.

Since she has people praying for her, she has strength. And since she has Jesus, Jesus is with her every step of the way.”


It is the greatest joy of my life to hear that my children are consistently living their lives in the ways of Truth!—3 John 4 (TPT).

by Major Jessie Irwin
corps officer in Norristown Pa.