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Psalm 84

(adapted by Captain Margaret Silva) 

The very presence of your being
is a sight to behold, my mighty king.

The very core of what makes me who I am desires only
to be with the One who created that core.
Meet me there-so I can praise you.
Meet me there-so I can be anchored by you.

And Lord, go with me as I live
this temporary life.

My travels will occasionally lead me through
the wilderness of sorrow-you will be my joyful song
as I walk, until I complete my journey.

I know my requests are not unmet Lord
please hear them. Guide those also on earth,
who you have entrusted to protect and guide me.

Just to know you are with me even once
is better than any experience this world
has given that brought me temporary happiness.
I would choose to stand outside your door, unknowing of the elements
than live comfortably with those who will never know you.

God-You are all I need! You bless, you protect
you plan nothing but good things
for my life.
How could I not choose you?

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