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January 2023 is Poverty Awareness month. It’s an opportunity for all of us to learn more about this social ill, increase our empathy for people who are going through it, and gain a better understanding of how we can make a difference.

In the next issue, you will discover a new and personal perspective on this global problem.

Poverty is described differently around the world, but the real question is, What measurement of poverty touches your heart and motivates you to act? 

This new year, expand your awareness by absorbing these compelling stories and pictures. They will help you better understand your role and why God placed you on earth for such an important time as this!

Past Issues

An angel in disguise

Beauty queen Sandahl Taylor is happily married with two children, but there was a time when she was a single mother and staying with friends. During several Christmas seasons, The Salvation Army Angel Tree [...] 

A bike with a bow

Before going on to superstardom with the R&B/pop group New Edition, Ronnie DeVoe grew up poor in the housing projects of Boston’s South End. One of the constant positive influences in his life was a nearby Boys Club [...]

‘Eat God’s Food’

Imagine: you’re walking along the warm sands of a crowded beach on a sunny, summer day. As far as you can see are people lounging in their bathing suits; all slim, trim, and fit. Today, that scenario [...]

City of Brotherly Hope

Two elementary school–aged children strolled home from school one sun–splashed spring day when they got the scare of their lives. They saw a passenger in a moving car point a handgun out [...]

EPA Awards 2022

SAConnects magazine has won 13 Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards for the 2021 publishing year. EPA is a professional organization of Christian print and digital publications and the world’s largest professional organization for the evangelical [...]

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