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Would you be surprised to learn that The Salvation Army is a church, and that 53 percent of its leaders are women? It’s okay. This is news to a lot of people.

That’s why this issue of SACONNECTS magazine includes articles that reveal how such women preach courageously from the pulpit, and contribute to other forms of essential ministry, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

From helping African refugees find their way, to feeding and housing youth in the United States who have run away, to building a spirit of love in communities everywhere,  women in our stories have helped to create sustainable, and transformative lifestyles for everyone.

You will see for yourself how, since its inception, The Salvation Army has been led by women who have played pivotal roles. Through God’s grace and love, they have helped families survive in the aftermath of disasters, and obtain food, shelter, financial help, and spiritual care.

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