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A gym for mind, body, and spirit

A gym for mind, body, and spirit by Hugo Bravo Lorie Collier Davis remembers how her mother and father gave money to the Salvation Army’s red kettles during the Christmas season. Eleanor and Tom Collier had always instilled a strong sense of giving in Lorie and in her brothers Jeff, Doug, and Kevin. The parents also believed, as Lorie does, that Christ must always be in the center of their work and purpose. “My father always talked about the power of the mind, body, and spirit, and how important it was [...]

“Thank you, Jesus”

"Thank you, Jesus!" by Warren L. Maye SUPERBOWL XXXIV post-game interview with Kurt Warner Kurt Warner’s outspoken love for Christ is a story for the history books, and a most unlikely scenario that demonstrates how God works in mysterious ways. The Christian faith of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner is woven into the plot of “American Underdog.” Following its initial theatrical debut on Christmas day, 2021, it is now available to stream from your couch. Critics said, “American Underdog sticks to the [...]

The Salvation Army continues its support in Ukraine

The Salvation Army continues its support in Ukraine by Warren L. Maye Dennis, age 6, who is a Ukrainian refugee, takes shelter with his friends at The Salvation Army Eastern European Territorial Headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova. Printed on his grey T–shirt is a cartoon—a pair of widened eyes. The image was originally meant to be humorous. But in his dire situation, it serves as a metaphor for the faces of many frightened Ukrainian children and adults who have found refuge at the headquarters during the horrific attack on their country by Russian [...]

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