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This year, the Army On Its Toes Dance Company has ventured into a new form of ministry. You may have witnessed the TAM Team performing Playback Theatre in your division. It is an improvised form of interactive theatre where the actors take stories from the audience and play it back using theatrical structures, metaphor, movement and music. Created by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas in the 1970’s, Playback Theatre has been a growing rapidly, but until now, has not been performed exclusively as dance.

“I find that playback helps to address the emotional layer of story.”
Hannah Fox, Weaving Playback Theatre with Theatre of the Oppressed

The Army On Its Toes Dance Company performed their first evening of Playback Dance in the fall of 2017 at New Jersey Women’s Camp. Personal testimony from the audience of hardship and miracles were shared and recreated in the form of movement. Utilizing dance concepts like ‘contact improv’ and ‘flocking’, Company took each story and transformed it into a work of performance art.

Women are still sharing with me how blessed they were by this experience.  The care taken for each story that was presented was beautiful.  The expressions of the testimony and stories through dance was moving and powerful.  Women were drawn into the experience and were able to feel deeply emotionally connected to the women who shared their stories/testimonies.”
Maj. Kellie Peabody, NJ Women’s Ministries Secretary

Playback Dance is an intersection where improv, group therapy and dance meet. It is a vehicle for the Spirit to communicate through dancers into the lives of their audience. Each story is important, and explored in a manner that is powerful for the ‘teller’ and deeply engaging for the entire audience.

“There has been a conscious effort to use the playback form as an agent of social change.”
Hannah Fox, Weaving Playback Theatre with Theatre of the Oppressed

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