The New Governor, the Inquisitive Wife, a Rogue Rabbi


What is truth? The orders of Tiberius Caesar? The dictates of the mob? Or the man standing before you in chains? Pontius Pilate attempts to navigate the political intrigues and cultural landmines of his first appointment as governor of Judea. When his wife Claudia becomes captivated by a rogue rabbi, Pilate faces his thorniest decision yet – to free the innocent Jesus of Nazareth, or to appease the crowds chanting for death.

Produced by the Territorial Ministries Bureau in conjunction with The Glory Shop, this one act play by Mark Allen Eaton will run at Theatre 315 in the heart of Manhattan from March 29-31, 2018. The audience is invited for a talk back after each performance to discuss the play’s themes.

Mature subject matter.
Not recommended for children under 12.

Production Team

Directed by Chuck Goodin
Produced by Carol Jaudes


Ian Evans
Kathryn Higgins
Kyle Higgins
Brad Cain
Jonathon Shaffstall
Erin Morgan
Jasmin Gauguin
Heather Nataluk
Scott Martel
Matt McConnell
Shante Wong