PILATE, A Note From The Director

Chuck Goodin Director, PILATE

This project is a very exciting for us. Most of us on the TAM team come from professional or educational theater where we were accustomed to doing longer plays. In a longer piece, you have the luxury of delving into the characters—portraying their change over the arc of the story. For most of the ministry we do, although rewarding, it involves us doing shorter pieces, where often the characters aren’t as rich. PILATE provides us with a challenge that is refreshing.

I love Holy Week. It’s a special time for Christians to meditate on the events surrounding the crucifixion and the resurrection. PILATE recounts the events we all know but it’s not the same old story. The play gives us insight from a different perspective, reminding us of things forgotten. My hope is that the audience will enjoy an entertaining night of theater and with that they will have the opportunity to ponder some of the bigger questions of life and meditate on the monumental events surrounding the Passion


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Mature subject matter.
Not recommended for children under 12.


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