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Personal Reflection- TAM Conservatory

Photo Credit: Justina Stickland

I have been attending TAM Conservatory since the age of 14. The seven days spent at TAM Conservatory each year have shaped my life. My first year, the theme was “Prayer.” It was there that I learned the importance of prayer, the value of pressing into the presence of God, setting time aside to be in conversation with Him. Another year was “Mark My Words” where we memorized chapters from the book of Mark. It was there that I learned the importance of scripture, and where I found a deep love for the gospel story. In “Just Arts”I learned the power that the arts can play to bring awareness to social injustices as well as bring healing to those who have suffered. It was at TAM Conservatory that I started believing that it was possible to be a Christian and a successful artist. I could list each year I’ve attended and the major ways that it has shaped my life. For those who haven’t attended TAM Conservatory the first week of August may pass with little significance. But for those of us who have tasted of that week, we understand the incredible treasure that is TAM Conservatory. 

This year as I sat in the chapel I glanced up at the ceiling and memories began to flood back. In that chapel, every year, I have met with the Lord. I have been re-centered, in my faith and in my art. Conservatory comes right in the middle of a transitional point of the year. The summer, which usually brings some new adventure or challenge, is coming to an end. The fall season brings entry back into school, or work, or something unknown. Inside of that transitional time each year, I have found a place to call home. A place that no matter what is happening in my own life I am challenged to meet with the Lord, to rediscover the arts and the power they can have and to build community with those who are like me, Christian artists.

This year was no different. Our theme this year was “Know Love”. Our goal was to spend the week focusing on the love of God. In the classes I taught, and the classes I took I saw the love of God invading the lives of both the students and instructors. I saw healing begin to seep into the broken places that we carry. I saw students encountering the love of God, beginning a new journey of chasing after the Lord with everything they have. There is a beauty in being young. A readiness for abandonment that I want to see come to life in myself again. The students arrive ready to learn. They come prepared to offer 110%, which is what we ask of them. They give everything they possibly can, and more. I saw students grow as artists, but most importantly, I saw them take steps, some small, some huge, towards knowing the love of God. And that is all we can ask for.



Erin Morgan
Creative Arts/Special Events Specialist