Overseas Child Sponsorship

Millions of children around the world are trapped in the cycle of poverty. The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship Program assists children in developing countries achieve their full potential.

With the Overseas Child Sponsorship program, the Salvation Army assigns 100% of your contribution tossup children and Army children’s homes around the world. Your financial gift provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care and an education to children in need. Without your help many children would face a bleak future without these necessities.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your tax deductible sponsorship of $300 per year (paid annually, biannually, quarterly or monthly) will enable The Salvation Army to provide a child in a developing country with direct assistance for education and general care. The funds are sent to the local Salvation Army Headquarters which monitors the needs of each child and their situation.

You can also choose to become a ‘Discretionary Sponsor’and support an entire institution, rather than an individual child. Discretionary sponsors receive a yearly newsletter from the institution giving information on events and the activities of the children.

For more information about our Overseas Child Sponsorship Program visit:

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