Others: Trade for Hope

01 Mar 2018

‘Shuvo shokal’ (Good morning)

Others offers a fresh start in life. “Yes, the people absolutely have a very entrepreneurial culture in Bangladesh,” said April Foster. “They’re hardworking, productive, and efficient.” April, who is director

10 Oct 2017

Others Trade For Hope – 10,000 Hearts

8,975 hearts! In March, we launched the 10,000 hearts campaign. We are almost there!! Be a part of the equation of hope and order your hearts today. These hearts directly

15 May 2017

10,000 Hearts

We would encourage you to share this at your corps or ministry center. You can help us reach 10,000 hearts through your purchase of this beautiful product from Bangladesh. To

16 Mar 2017

Bangladesh – Others Trade for Hope

Others Trade for Hope began in Bangladesh in 1997.  In February, April Foster visited Bangladesh and met up with the men and women who make the beautiful hand-crafted products we

01 Dec 2016

Linked for life

the women of Others On August 12, 2016, a team of seven women from the USA Eastern Territory journeyed to the Kenya East Territory. Among their belongings were handcrafted key/prayer

05 Mar 2015

Juntos y Sincronizados

La luna de miel de Daniel y Leann LaBossiere El 2 de enero de 2015, Daniel LaBossiere, graduado en 2013 del Eastern Nazarene College (ENC), y Leann Williams, graduada en

05 Mar 2015

in Lock Step

The LaBossiere’s Honeymoon—a mission trip to Kenya On January 2, 2015, Daniel LaBossiere, a 2013 Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) alumnus, and Leann Williams, a 2014 graduate of (ENC) majoring in

22 Oct 2014

Will you Trade for Hope?

hen the pillow that Ruma, a woman in Bangladesh, produced is exported for sale by Others, her face lights up and she stands taller. After having seen several orders exported,

29 Sep 2014

Others – Trade for Hope

Behind each  OTHERS product, there is a unique story – a story of dignity, independence, and hope. Others is The Salvation Army Trade for Hope Initiative. Each purchase of an


Others Trade for Hope