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Orange Sunday School Coming Soon!

You may have already heard the buzz about “Orange” at your corps, but you’re going to hear a lot more as The Salvation Army unveils a new Sunday school curriculum for all ages.

Major Jodi Lloyd, the associate territorial youth secretary, said 18 corps have piloted the Orange program, which will launch nationwide in June (in English and Spanish).

“This is a great opportunity to rethink Sunday school,” said Lloyd. “Imagine what the possibilities can be. Your Sunday school could completely change and become a fun place to come and hear about Jesus.”

Lloyd said the color orange is used to illustrate the curriculum’s family–based model. Orange is made from the colors yellow and red. Yellow represents the church and red represents the home.

Major Kim D’Amaro, the territory’s Christian education director, said, “The idea is that the influences make a greater impact when brought together.”

Major Joy Jugenheimer, corps officer in Spring Valley, N.Y., said she loves the emphasis on family.

“While we don’t always have complete families, Orange does give us tools to help equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their children or help them grow in their faith,” she said.

The teaching is video–based and is followed by age–appropriate activities and discussions.

“The video piece is phenomenal since we’re in such a visual society,” Jugenheimer said. “For those corps that don’t have a lot of leaders, I think this is going to be a little bit freeing. The teachers don’t have to be as deeply knowledgeable about the Bible as they might think.

“In today’s society, kids don’t sit, listen, and write on a worksheet anymore. To learn better, they seem to need to move and play.”

The adult portion of the curriculum features Facebook and other social media prompts to help students review the lesson during the week.

“It’s keeping the faith conversations going beyond Sunday,” Jugenheimer said.

Smart phone apps allow parents to review and share what their children are learning.

“If parents don’t feel confident being the spiritual leader yet, this gives them some tools,” Jugenheimer said.

Janelle Simpson–Luna, the Sunday school coordinator in Spring Valley and a public school elementary teacher, is excited that the new curriculum is “not paper and pencil” based, but involves activities and new technology.

Simpson–Luna said the youngest of her two children already loves listening to the music videos from the parent app.

“She keeps saying, ‘More Jesus! More Jesus!’” she said. “I can follow up as a parent and I think the videos are amazing.

“The kids have been interested and into the videos. They got their attention. Every kid was engaged; watching and listening.”

You can check out what’s happening on or Workshops will be offered during Commissioning Weekend, June 9–11.

“Everyone is excited that this is going to bring some new energy and life to our Sunday school program,” Simpson–Luna said. “How will you rethink the way Sunday school is done in your community?  Imagine, dream, create, and consider the possibilities Orange has to bring real transformation to your corps and community!”

by Robert Mitchell

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