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Pier Ministry

Pier Festival 2019 will feature events and performances every evening from July 27August 2. Performances such as the steampunk musical dance-drama, “Deus Ex Machina” (God enters the Machine). A story told through the soul of Steambot, a living, breathing, steam- powered robot who struggles with the consequences of a fateful decision.

Learn more about the entertainment, food and games that will be at the pier this year below!

Deus Ex Machina

This year’s steampunk musical dance-drama, “Deus Ex
Machina” (God enters the Machine), depicts a parable of salvation. A story told through the soul of Steambot, a living, breathing, steam- powered robot who struggles with the consequences of a fateful decision.

Don’t miss this year’s powerful, soul- searching, and humorous finale.

The Aerialist

Vertical ascension on a lattice of silks, Kathryn Higgins evokes moments of awe and wonder through her gravity-defying art form.

Bryan Drake

Performing for hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade, Bryan Drake is still delighting crowds with his mentalism and illusions. His show features a strong Gospel message told through the lens of humor and intrigue.

The Cameron Family

The Cameron Family from Toronto, Canada, blends traditional timbrel routines with contemporary music and choreography resulting in an upbeat, energetic act, with lots of spirit!

CAST – Peter Pan

The Creative Arts Service Team from the Eastern Territory will be delighting crowds this year with their performance of Peter Pan. The team will also partner with Summer Brass on musical selections that will leave the crowds wanting more!

Crossfire Brass

A brass band for the people, by the people! Crossfire provides a musical soundtrack for Fireworks Night (Thursday). From patriotic tunes to traditional Salvation Army marches, Crossfire offers plenty of toe-tapping entertainment.

DJ Morph & George Moss

DJ Morph and Gospel rap artist George Moss really get the crowds excited with their combination of electronic music and popping hip-hop lyrics. These talented performers unite their popular medium with their passionate Christian faith.

MOVE Dance Company

Spreading God’s word through the power of dance, MOVE Dance Company will be featured in the Gospel finale, “Deus Ex Machina” in addition to other dance performances held nightly at the pier.

Painting Freedom

The Painting Freedom arts ministry began in 2012 when Tucker Rodkey was invited to paint in a Philadelphia park. When strangers asked about his artwork, he used it as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Now encompassing multiple performers, Painting Freedom has traveled throughout the US preaching the Gospel and delighting crowds through their various artistic expressions.

Sand Story

Using the medium of sand and light, Lieut. Isabella Porchetti illustrates a powerfully creative story that arrests busy crowds in their tracks.

Summer Brass

Comprised of some of The Salvation Army’s finest young musicians from across the Eastern Territory and beyond, the music of this dynamic ensemble draws people in. Music with a message at its finest.


This Christian band with a dynamic rock- alternative sound has performed across the Eastern Territory, and international engagements such as Japan (2017). They will be delighting crowds at the Pier once again with their blend of pop music, infused with heavy Gospel undertones.

Team Training, July 26, 1pm. (Team members only)

For OOB Pier Festival Team members, who will be giving a lot of their time, talents, and energies during Salvation Army Week, Team Training serves as our kick-off event. As well as the practical sharing of information, team training is a time of spiritual renewal and education.

We’re pleased to welcome as our special guest, pastor, professor, and author – Dr. Matt Friedeman. This well known Wesleyan scholar from Jackson, Mississippi will be sharing his insights on evangelism from the biblical story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8).

Open Air at the Pier Sunday, July 28, 2:30pm.

A lively ‘March of Witness’ through the streets of OOB followed by an open air musical concert at the Pier, featuring the New York Staff Band and the Eastern Territory Staff Songsters.

Fireworks at the Pier Thursday, August 1, 9:30pm.

Enjoy a spectacular evening of fireworks with musical accompaniment by Crossfire Brass. Don’t forget to bring your Gospel Pen for the Gospel Pen Challenge!

OOB Pier Festival Attractions

Don’t miss our many street-level attractions such as face painting, balloon sculpting, children’s games, prize- giveaways, and so much more. Prayer and evangelism teams will be hard at work connecting what is taking place on stage with the hearts and minds of those who are watching. Feel free to ask for a Bible or tract from the Redemption Center tent and give it to someone at the Pier that you want to reach for Christ.