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4fb92b73-235c-423d-919e-44f3112ac146_80-OneArmyAWelcome to One Army – our unique international teaching resource! Devised to explain the nature and purposes of ‘the Army’, One Army brings together Salvationists and friends the world over.

For those who want to know more about The Salvation Army, this is the most up-to-date, informative and concise guide available. For Salvationists who want to confirm their own faith and mission, this is as reliable and authentic guide you will find anywhere. For those who want to broaden their horizons, support and encourage others around the world and learn about other cultures, this will achieve all those aims.

Your participation is invited and welcomed.

Read on – and God bless you!

General André Cox
International Headquarters
London, UK

One Life

1. In Calling

Since The Salvation Army’s earliest days, Salvationists have been convinced that God called it into being. The Army, as such, was not planned. It was not a scheme or strategy devised by any human being. It was a product of the Spirit of God moving in the hearts of his people 150 years ago. William Booth began his preaching and ministry in the East End of London in 1865, simply because he was convicted to do so. He felt the call of God on his life in such a powerful way that he was compelled to obey what he believed was God’s will.

In Calling (PDF Download)

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2. In Covenant

Promises. We live by them. People make them every day – millions of them. We make them at home, at work, at school. We make them in law, among friends and even to ourselves. We keep them. We break them. Sometimes we wish we hadn’t made them. At other times we wish we had! Why do we need them? It’s all a matter of trust.

In Covenant (PDF Download)

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3. In Christ

While on earth Jesus showed how important relationships were to him. He not only called, taught and trained a close group of disciples, but he also gave time to many individuals. Sometimes he protected them from judgement and bullying – like the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11). At other times he brought healing – such as to Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52). He gave personal teaching – as to Nicodemus (John 3) – and befriended the friendless – as with the Samaritan woman (John 4). Today he invites us each to have personal relationship with him…

In Christ – (PDF Download)

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4. In Truth

Two thousand years ago, when there were no newspapers, televisions, radios, mobile phones or other means of global communication, Jesus said something that may have seemed an unachievable hope or an unrealistic boast to those listening. He said: ‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away’ (Matthew 24:35). He was utterly confident of the eternal quality of the truth he declared. He knew it would endure because, ultimately, it is the standard by which all other ‘truth’ is measured….

In Truth – (PDF Download)

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5. In Purpose

There are many ways in which The Salvation Army expresses its purpose – the reason for its existence. All of them are centred on God’s purposes for his creation. Right from its earliest days, the Army has aimed to be in harmony with, and to promote, the purposes of God. Naturally, it is important that Salvationists are united in that purpose – One Army…

In Purpose – (PDF Download)

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6. In Prayer

Prayer has been a natural part of human life from as far back as we can trace. It has taken many forms and been used in a variety of ways. Through the years people have prayed to different gods, or made offerings to please them, in an attempt to establish some form of communication with the divine (Genesis 4:1-8). By the time Jesus came to earth, prayer had become an established – even sophisticated – part of Jewish life. The Jews had realised the foolishness of worshipping a multiplicity of gods. If God is truly God he must be only one (Deuteronomy 6:4)…

In Prayer – (PDF Download)

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7. In Fellowship
Throughout recorded history, the sharing of meals has been at the heart of family and community life. Meeting to eat has been the natural thing to do and has taken many forms in all kinds of cultures. Coming together for meals has also been an integral part of religious life and the Bible gives many instances where this has happened through the ages. Meeting to eat gives opportunity for people to talk, to catch up with each other’s news. It helps us get to know one another and understand each other better. It provides a place where much is learned and shared, and it helps us grow together. From its earliest days the Church has expressed its fellowship through meals…

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8. In Service

There is no better example of a servant than Jesus. Most people don’t choose to be a servant. Jesus did – and he embraced it wholeheartedly. He knew what a difference would be made to the world – to our lives – so he did it. The apostle Paul tells us that Jesus (God Almighty) made himself ‘nothing’, took the form of a servant and was ‘obedient to death’ – death on a cross (Philippians 2:7, 8). This was servanthood supreme…

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9. In Faith

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ These words, found in John’s Gospel (3:16), are probably the best-known and most frequently quoted by Christians through the ages. They declare the heart of our faith and tell the story as it is – but they also need explaining.

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10. In Holiness

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11. In Hope

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12. In Love

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Una Vida


El libro
Libro para los jóvenes
Manual para líderes

1. En llamado

1.1 (El libro) En llamado
1.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En llamado
1.3 Manual para líderes

2. En pacto

2.1 (El libro) En pacto
2.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En pacto
2.3 (Manual para líderes) En pacto

3. En Cristo

3.1 (El libro) En Cristo
3.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En Cristo
3.3 (Manual para líderes) En Cristo

4. En verdad

4.1 (El libro) En verdad
4.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En verdad
4.3 (Manual para líderes) En verdad

5. En propósito

5.1 (El libro) En propósito
5.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En propósito
5.3 (Manual para líderes) En propósito

6. En oración

6.1 (El libro) En oración
6.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En oración
6.3 (Manual para líderes) En oración

7. En comunión

7.1 (El libro) En comunion
7.2 (Libro para jóvenes) En comunión
7.3 (Manual para líderes) En comunión

8. En servicio

8.1 (El libro) En servicio
8.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En servicio
8.3 (Manual para líderes) En servicio

9. En fe

9.1 (El libro) En fe
9.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En fe
9.3 (Manual para líderes) En fe

10. En amor

10.1 (El libro) En amor
10.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En amor
10.3 (Manual para líderes) En amor

11. En esperanza

11.1 (El libro) En esperanza
11.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En esperanza
11.3 (Manual para líderes) En esperanza

12. En santidad

12.1 (El libro) En santidad
12.2 (Libro para los jóvenes) En santidad
12.3 (Manual para líderes) En santidad