Following the LEAD Lay Leadership Summit in Old Orchard Beach, we wondered how we might provide additional opportunities for training and conversation throughout the year on topics relevant to leadership, particularly in a corps context. On Point webinars continue the mission of LEAD: educating, empowering, and encouraging leaders while modelling a shift towards thinking about leadership development less as a programmatic activity, and more as a continual and open-ended creative process that happens in community. Our more recent conversations are split into three videos which are accompanied by group discussion guides so that you can carry the conversation forward with your group, in your context. 

On Point is also now available in podcast form on itunes and Stitcher.

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February 2018 – A Journey of Discovery: African American Experiences in The Salvation Army, with Envoy Pat Wood, Major Brian Glasco, Lydia Mills, Commissioner Israel Gaither, Demetrius Marlowe, Sherron Carrion, and Cindy Pettiford.
April 2018 – Leading Through Transition, with Major Larry Ashcraft, Major Brian Glasco, Isaiah Allen, Chris Payton, Bo Sanders, and Envoy Ken Burton.
March 2018 – Women in Leadership, with April Foster, Lt. Esther Cherubin, Captain Swetha Vincent, Commissioner Sue Swanson, and Major Deborah Sedlar.
February 2018 – Trust and Leadership, with Captain Malcolm Daniels, Annabel Do Santos Concha, Commissioner James Knaggs, Cadet Mhairi Smeaton, Matt Baker, and Isaiah Allen.
January 2018 – The Soldier's Role in Leadership Development with Isaiah Allen, Joy Mikles, Lt Joel Ashcraft, Envoy Anthony Lewis, Major James Purvis, and Matt Baker.
December 2017 – 21 Questions for a 21st Century Army with Major Sandercock-Brown, Kate Bailey, and David Hulteen.
November 2017 – Self-Care with Commissioner Kay Rader, Dr. Anthony Headley, Isaiah Allen, and Matt Baker.
October 2017 – Integrated Mission with Ian and Allison Campbell, Major Ismael Correa, Isaiah Allen, and Captain Jessica Berkhoudt.
September 2017 – Why Small Groups? with Captain Daniel Gomez, Steve Gladen (Saddleback), Joy Mikles, and Isaiah Allen.
August 2017 – Vision Casting with Lt. Colonel Jim LaBossiere, Chip Kelly, Nathan Miller, and Lieutenants Olivia and Pratik Munn-Shirsath.
July 2017 – Small Groups and Evangelism (Lead Preview) with Envoys Bussey, Captain Dan Gomez, Isaiah Allen, and Majors Dunigan.
June 2017 – Rehabilitating Servant Leadership with Major William Groff
May 2017 – Strategic Thinking with Nigel P.

April 2017 – Power, Authority, and Influence with Commissioner James Knaggs

February 2017 – All About Leadership with General Cox and Commissioner Bamford


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