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New Rules! Pick Your Own Dance Troupe Song!

star-search-featureA new approach for the 2017 Dance Troupe category is being introduced! This change is happening so that each corps can prepare to the strength of their groups and represent themselves in the best possible way at Star Search. In professional dance competitions, groups are allowed to choose their own music. This allows the group ownership of the song, as well as honors the culture represented by the group.

To allow a fair and level playing field within this context, adjudicators will be marking each piece using the rubric below. Please refer to it as you choreograph. It is not only a marking system, but also a helpful tool for the dancers, choreographers and officers of the Territory. This rubric can be used to help create an effective and clear dance for their Star Search as well as in-corps pieces.


Your song selection must:

  • Be in line with each year’s theme. This year’s theme is: #sorrynotsorry. This is the Youth Councils theme with the scripture support of Romans 1:16- 17.
  • Be no less than two minutes and thirty seconds (2:30), and no more than four minutes (4:00).
  • Be approved by your corps officer.

Embrace the freedom and get creative!

  • Utilize ANY style of music or dance.
  • Play to your dancers’ strengths.
  • Utilize the unique culture of your corps participants.
  • Any language is welcomed (Please provide lyrics in English for the adjudicators)
  • Choreodramas are allowed. (A story told through movement.)
  • Lyrics are not required.

*Star Search Soloists Category will proceed as previous years. Music selections will be posted on the website.

Break a leg!