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More than a Sandwich

“Our home is gone!” cries an Ohioan as she stands in slippers under a dark sky, atop shards of rubble that had been her kitchen. That night, the swirling winds of a massive tornado blew her house apart. All her family’s activities there—the meals, the aromas, and the laughter—are now just memories.

In the southeast part of the country, a man wades through cold, knee–deep water, trying to load a small boat with belongings from his home. His fear is that the levee will soon break and let the swollen river come in and wash his life away.

In Virginia Beach, two women comfort each other in the aftermath of yet another senseless mass shooting. They wait to hear who among their coworkers survived the spree.

Soon after I hear such horrific stories, a notification buzzes my cell phone, and I read an announcement, a progress report, or a specific request from the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) command. They’re deploying trained personnel to the scene to provide practical and spiritual care, as needed.

Watching EDS take action is my consolation. Knowing that God will use them to bring care and comfort to hurting people, lifts my spirit and eases my pain.

In the next SAconnects magazine, you’ll take the closest look at EDS you’ve ever seen. From its early beginnings, to 9/11, to Superstorm Sandy, to Hurricane Maria, we hope you’ll get a perspective that will cause you to see this work as more than just a sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate in someone’s hand—you’ll see it as the ministry it was meant to be.

Join us!

— Warren L. Maye, Editor in Chief

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