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The Salvation Army operates in 127 countries and provides services in 175 different languages.

For World Services Month, SAConnects interviewed Salvationists who are spreading the Word of God across the globe.

Here are their stories:

JoySatisfactionandFaith_thumb Joy, Satisfaction, and Faith in India

Having seen my father [Lt. Colonel Samuel Rathan] preaching the Gospel has had an enormous impact on the person I am today. I am indebted to my family, which brought me to The Salvation Army and encouraged me to attend every program and meeting in our corps.
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HeNeedsMeinHonduras_thumb ‘He Needs Me In Honduras’

Although I was born in Guatemala, at some point in our lives my siblings and I have called a dozen different corps all over Latin America “home.” It’s one of the perks of having officer parents.
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TragedyinNepal_thumb Tragedy in Nepal

I heard about the earthquake in Nepal during a divisional youth councils meeting in the U.S. At that moment, it was hard for me to process everything.
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SpreadingGodsmessageinCuba_thumb Spreading God’s Message in Cuba

Visiting Cuba as a member of the Salvation Army’s Puerto Rican Youth Band was an amazing opportunity. Because of what was the prevailing political climate between the United States and Cuba, traveling directly there was prohibited for U.S. citizens.
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ContentmentthroughDisaster_thumb Contentment through Disaster: Surviving Cyclone Pam

On the evening of March 13, 2015, Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 event with winds reaching 165 mph, battered the Southwest Pacific island chain of Vanuatu. This country of 240,000 people, one of the poorest in the Pacific Basin, suffered immense damage.
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AnActofFaith_thumb An Act of Faith

He spent 11 years in Russia during a time when the country struggled economically, suffered from unrest due to the Chechnyan conflict, and was engaged in a critical presidential election. But his most vivid memory is of a seemingly insignificant contribution he made to Salvation Army World Services there in the late 1990s.
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TheRussiaCommandToday_thumb The Russia Command Today

On August 1, 2015, a significant change occurred to the structure of the Salvation Army in Eastern Europe with Russia becoming a command on its own under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Alexander Kharkov, the first Russian commanding officer. Prior to this change, Russia had been a territory under the Eastern Europe Command.
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Youvecomehome_thumb ‘You’ve Come Home’

On a Sunday morning, Captain Barnes opened his eyes and was immediately reminded that he was on the great continent of Africa. He and Commissioners Stewart and Hope Mungate, former territorial leaders of the Salvation Army’s Republic of Congo Territory, were being hosted by Commissioners Onal and Edmane Castor, territorial leaders.
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Eruption At Mount Sinabung In Indonesia Shekinah Glory in Indonesia

On July 28, 2015, just a day after authorities had said volcanic activity was decreasing and allowed thousands of villagers who had been evacuated to return to its slopes, Mount Sinabung erupted. It spewed fire, lava, and billows of hot ash into the air for miles over the Kabanjahe region on the western Indonesian island of Sumatra.
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Interviews by Hugo Bravo

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