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Lt. Colonel Donald W. Lance

Lt. Colonel Donald W. Lance

In my daily work, I’m tasked with managing the resources of our Army. There are times when that can be difficult. Since the fall of 2015, the world’s economies have been unsettled and many people have been challenged to keep things moving forward. Investments haven’t performed as well as the money managers had hoped, so plans have had to change. Strategies have needed to be altered. And we have had to keep going.

We are also in the throes of a heated political season where candidates running at every level, from the presidency to the local municipality, are promising us that if we elect them they will make our lives better. But often, at the end of their terms in office, we see that their campaign trail promises rarely match the ultimate realities.

For nearly 23 years, I was blessed to have my parents as my corps officers (pastors). Even after I left home and went to college, they were appointed as my new corps officers. I have often described my father as one of the Army’s “old war horses” who instilled in us that our role—as soldiers, officers, and children of God—was to work to make things better.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, God’s word tells us about a traveler who had been robbed and beaten. There were people who saw him, but did nothing. But an unlikely individual we know as the Good Samaritan had mercy on the traveler and took care of his present and future needs. The Samaritan definitely made the situation better. Had he not intervened, the man would have certainly died.

Every day, we encounter people whose lives need to be made better. Do your part. Say a good word. Help a person in need. Show the love of God. And when you do, the world will be a better place.

—  Lt. Colonel Donald W. Lance
Secretary for Business Administration

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