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Major Christine Rock

Major Christine Rock

Arts In Action | Testimony Series | Major Christine Rock

Why would someone like me “put myself out there” through the performing arts? By nature, I am introverted, slightly self-conscious, and, it seems, forever battling a stubborn perfectionistic streak. So, why should I risk forgetting my lines or tripping onstage or a million other ways to make a fool out of myself? And why should someone like you? Because it’s worth it.

I count it a huge privilege to be a part of this explosion of arts ministry here in the Eastern Territory. Performing with the Territorial Arts Ministry team and other talented groups, teaching students across the territory and in many places throughout the world, and discovering with others the beauty and truth of who God is by looking through the lens of the arts –these are all experiences that I would not trade for the world. They have changed me –deepening my relationships with others, opening me up to what can be done through creative thinking and collaboration, and helping me trust in what God can do with my humble offerings.

Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable.BrenéBrown

I have found that, by risking embarrassment, awkwardness, and failure onstage, I have gained more than I ever imagined.  The community of artists within The Salvation Army has been a safe space for me to become a better version of myself –someone who is open, vulnerable, and more readily used for the glory of God.