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Love That Song?

Yes, it was me. I am the one who chose that song, the one you will spend countless hours listening to. The song you’ll know better than you ever wanted to, the one that will become the soundtrack of your dreams. I picked the songs for Star Search dance solos. Before you begin typing out your rant about how much you love the music (or how much you hate it), let me give you some explanation for my choices. Choosing music for dance solos is a challenging task because it is impossible to please everyone. With that promise of doom looming over my head, the search began. Wanting to provide each level with music that differed from the style given last year I landed on the songs below.


Solo – Level 1
Song: Benediction by Jaye Thomas
Album: Intimate (Live in the Studio), Track #5, 1:52mins
Why? With young dancers in mind I opted to choose a simple song knowing that for more beginner dancers, simplicity is key. For more advanced dancers in this level, the option of making choreography more complex is there. The lyrics have hints of the Jr. Soldier promise which excited me.

*Want more tips? Check out this video!

Solo – Level 2
Song: Counted the Cost by Cory Asbury
Album: Let Me See Your Eyes, track #5, 3:04mins
Why? Wanting to differ from last years’ gospel song, this level gets the hip-hop song! Knowing that some will love the chance to display their more natural style of movement, I tried to choose a hip-hop song that could also be danced by both a hip-hop dancer and a lyrical dancer. It could be interesting to see right? (*wide confused eyes stare back at me from the lyrical dancers in this level)

*Want more tips? Check out this video!

Solo – Level 3
Song: We Will Make It There by Abby Gunderson
Album: Time Moves Quickly, track #1, 3:08mins
Why? Instrumental. I feel that we, myself included, think that dance is not enough on its own to communicate a message. Lyrics have to be included, or scripture on the screen… something, anything. But I believe that dance has the ability to convey a clear message all on its own. No help needed. So, lucky Level 3 gets to explore how to share a story, a message, an idea without the support of lyrics.

*Want more tips? Check out this video!

Solo – Level 4
Song: Choose your own music. The appropriate length is between 2:00-4:00minutes, the song must be approved by corps officers.
Why? Dancers in level 4 are an age that they know what style of movement best suits their body and ability. This year, these dancers get to choose a piece of music that best displays what they do, dance, in their own style. How exciting!

*Want more tips? Check out this video!

So, if you love the song for your level, you’re welcome! If you never want to hear it again, I’m sorry, I’ll try again next year. Have fun dancing!
(For group dance, choose your own music! Look at the guidelines laid out in the details below!)

Erin Morgan
Creative Arts/Special Events Specialist

Click here for Star Search 2018 details.

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