Local Officer Training Videos

The Lay Leadership Development Bureau is providing these older but gently updated Local Officer Training materials for use in your local Corps. The videos and so forth may have been produced several years ago, but we hope they will prove to be useful supplements as you prepare to develop soldiers in your corps for the very important roles they’ll be serving in.
Nothing replaces the Orders and Regulations for Local Officers from the General or the crucial role of the Corps Officer in the preparation of a Local Officer; all of the material here is meant to be complementary. Through these materials, hear words of wisdom from actual Local and Corps Officers, as well as Paul A. Rader, former General of The Salvation Army; engage with suggested scripture texts, discussion points, and so forth. Clicking the positions below will open a window where you can access the video.

For your information, the Bureau is collaborating with Soldiers, Officers, Corps, and Divisions across the USA Eastern Territory on the development of a new Local Officer development process intended to meet the functionality and flexibility needs of today’s corps, soldiers and officers as well as reinforce the importance of your local context in ministry preparation. We expect this new process to be rolled out in fall of 2018.

Corps Cadet Counselor

Corps Sergeant Major

Home League Secretary

Junior Soldier Sergeant

Recruiting Sergeant

Young People's Sergeant Major

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