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Simon & Romina Morton

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Simon and Romina Morton have a marriage filled with music, culture, and laughter. They are both ministry assistants for the Queens Temple in the Greater New York Division. They have been married for 5 years. In this interview, the Mortons talk about how they met, married, and are making their lives together work.

Simon: Romina and I were in Rome, Italy on trip with the Greater New York (GNY) Youth Band. However, many of our concerts were cancelled due to a lack of the required permits. So, we spent several days sightseeing in Rome and in other parts of Italy. This time gave us an opportunity to know each other.

Romina: It was on a trip to the city of Rome in Italy that Simon approached me and spoke to me. It is true that he did it because he knew I could speak Italian and because he would thus be able to go sightseeing in the city without having to pay for a translator. But he also took the opportunity to show me his qualities as a person, and he tried to charm me by surprising me in pleasant ways, all of that so that I would grow to like him.

Being married was an adjustment—losing complete freedom to do what I wanted and whenever I wanted. Not everything could be my way, or her way, all the time. We had to be respectful of each other. Moving out of my home and separating from my parents and brothers to form my own family was a tremendous challenge for me, because I come from a very large and very close family. The challenge was all the greater considering that I not only had to leave my parents and my brothers, but also because, around the time we got married, we had bought a house and I had to face the additional challenge of starting to live with Simon and of fulfilling the functions of housekeeper and good wife, along with that of taking care of the bills, just as we had planned when we made the decision to get married.

I don’t ever recall seeing or hearing my parents arguing even though I am sure they did. And if or when those arguments happened, they protected my brother and me from them. I think that it’s important for kids to grow up in a loving environment like my parents created for us. From my parents, I learned that as a family we always had to stay together, and that that is the most important lesson we can teach our children. I learned that God comes first, and then the family. I learned that the best legacy you can leave your husband and children are the Christian teachings, Christian values, and the fear of God.

I have learned to make a conscious effort to be complimentary to Romina; to do things spontaneously without her having to tell me, and to know her “love language” that makes her feel continuously loved. Never stop trying. I have noticed that, if either of us gets lazy in our relationship, then things quickly get stale. When you place God at the very heart of your life, your home and your marriage, your life as a couple becomes much easier to manage. God helps us carry our burdens, face our challenges, and overcome our afflictions by reminding us that we are not alone, that He walks by our side along the way throughout our lives.

As English is Romina’s second language, her text messages to me are sometimes indecipherable! When I read them back to her the way she has written them and in her accent, we both laugh! That might sound cruel, but she knows it’s all in fun! If I could ask God a question about my marriage, I would ask Him: Why did you give my husband only half a brain? I am joking, of course! The truth is that I would ask Him many questions, but one of them would be: Why did He place the man, and not the woman, at the head of the family?

After this first year of our son’s life, it’s amazing to see the connection between Romina and Sebastian. It’s then that I truly appreciate how vital she is to his life. When our son Angelo Sebastian was born, I discovered not only that my husband is a very good man, a good servant of the Lord, and a great husband and best friend, but that he is also an excellent father who is ready to give his all for his son and his family, and who loves his baby with all his heart. This has made me feel more respect, more admiration, and more love for my husband.

I’m sure there are couples that never fight or argue, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that things are “hunky dory” for them all the time. Perfect marriages are only found in fairy tales.  

By making time to be with the Lord each day, I am able to know His will for my life and be guided by Him in the areas where I am failing. In my daily prayers, I ask the Lord to show me how to be a better daughter of God and a better wife and mother.

Marriage may be a rough ride at the beginning, but keep the faith! Be patient, seek God first, and with His help, your marriage will succeed. By talking things out in a frank and open manner, a husband and wife can solve and also avoid many potential problems. Men and women have different ways of thinking and seeing things, so that if one, as husband or wife, does not acknowledge or understand that, he or she will suffer more than one headache throughout their marriage.

All situations are different, but I believe God can and has healed even the marriages who have gone through the toughest of crises. If both husband and wife are willing to do it, and in fact do everything that needs to be done to that effect, they will be able to overcome all the bad moments. To that end, I recommend that you seek professional help, and that you continually remind yourselves of the promise you made to each other before the altar.

We are far from perfect. However, when times are good, it’s better than anything. Reflecting on those good and positive times really help us to get through the difficult times. Simon is not only my husband but my best friend, someone in whom I can confide everything that happens to me and in whom I can always trust. After God, he is the person who knows me best.

I can’t wait to see our family expand! I hope to be able to continue enjoying his company and sharing laughs with him every day of our lives. And my wish is to get to be old together with my husband and to remember the beginnings of our relationship and all the joys we will have shared together over the years.


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Simon y Romina Morton

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