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Kenny’s Story

Kenny Nichols Enrolled as an Adherent

We always say, “If this show reaches only one person, it will all be worth it.”  Kenny was that person. We had the privilege to perform Skeleton Army at Ladore’s Family camp where Kenneth Nichols was spending his weekend with a group of men from the Wills-Barre Adult Rehabilitation Center. He connected so deeply with Charles’ story of transformation that after the show he marched right up to the stage requesting prayer.  Six months later, Kenny graduated the program at the ARC, where Skeleton Army just happened to be performing the very next day on-site.  He attended the show for a second time, now a new man; completely transformed. Kenny’s eyes were the clearest ice-blue you’ve ever seen, filled with hope and new life. He made a point to re-connect with us, sharing how his life was impacted by Skeleton Army.  We were so moved by his story we asked him to share his testimony.  Read on, and know that there is hope for you. No-one is too far gone.


 –Kyle & Kathryn Higgins

“When I was 15 years old, I started doing drugs and alcohol because of my parents’ addiction.  I can relate to Skeleton Army and the story of Charles Jeffries on many levels, because of how he struggled with alcoholism and the way he speaks and acts in his addiction.  It brought back memories of my experience with alcoholism, such as going to bars, drinking, and starting fights.  When I watched the play for the first time at Camp Ladore, it was almost like a flashback for me of when I used to do those things, and I wanted to change my life.  From the beginning to the end of the play, this story spoke to me personally.  I was moved by how the main character motivated other people after he changed his life to help them find God’s will and way for their lives.  After watching Skeleton Army for the first time, it made me want to become a Salvation Army soldier so I can help other people, instead of always just thinking of myself.  I felt my calling to ministry in The Salvation Army, so that I can help others and share with them how God has changed my life.”

“Before I came to the ARC, I didn’t have a spiritual life or a relationship with God.  I was homeless and living in the woods.  My family disowned me.  I tried to commit suicide.  I didn’t have a relationship with my daughter or with my dad.  When I came to the ARC, I was given opportunities to find God and develop a personal relationship with Him.  Soon after I came to the ARC, there was an opportunity to sign-up to go to Camp Ladore for Family Camp.  That is where I saw Skeleton Army for the first time and received my calling to serve God.  Since that time, I have been blessed in so many ways.  I have a personal relationship with God, I pray often, I have completed the program and found a job.  I am speaking with my dad for the first time in 25 years.  I have a relationship with my daughter and with my family again.  I have become an adherent in The Salvation Army and am looking forward to the day when I can become a soldier.  I want to share God’s word with others and let them know that He can change their lives the way He changed mine.”

“I am blessed to have had the opportunity to see Skeleton Army a second time when they performed it at the Wilkes-Barre ARC at the time when I was graduating from the program.  This amazing experience has marked the beginning and end of my journey at the ARC.  Thank you for Skeleton Army, and for sharing this powerful story that God has used to help change my life.”

 –Kenneth Nichols

Kyle Higgins as Charlie Jeffries, Off Broadway | Theater 315


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