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Keep your eye on the ball

"Juggling Jeff" and Commissioner Swanson.

“Juggling Jeff” and Commissioner Swanson.

David Cain, a world–champion juggler, repeatedly spun four razor sharp battleaxes into the air. His audience watched spellbound as he, with his bare hands, caught the handles rather than the blades. When he emerged from the routine unscathed, the crowd offered applause and loud sighs of relief.

“I’m glad I didn’t shed any blood,” Cain told everyone at the Pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine (OOB), “but I’m glad Jesus shed His blood for me.”

Welcome to the art of juggling used to reach the masses for Christ. At this year’s camp meetings, two jugglers, Cain and “Juggling Jeff” Koziatek, thrilled crowds.

While Cain performed at the Pier on Tuesday, Koziatek put on a show during “Family Night” in the Pavilion.

Koziatek struggled to free himself from a straightjacket while balancing himself atop a large red ball. He later juggled flaming torches and talked about the Apostle Peter’s attempt to walk on water as Jesus did. Peter was fine—as long as he kept his eyes on the Lord.

“I hope that the live shows I do serve as a sampler,” Koziatek says. “I hope the audience gets a little bit and then they dive back into the Word for the rest of the story.”

Koziatek and Cain both believe in using any means possible to reach the unsaved, including the gospel arts.

“If you’re a follower of Christ, it’s your job to share the Gospel. Whether you’re standing behind a podium or sitting in a pew,” Koziatek says, “you’re to be a light to the world.”

by Robert Mitchell

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