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‘Just give us a chance’

LaBossiere_JamesAs newly commissioned Salvation Army officers, my wife and I arrived at our first appointment full of energy, passion, and a deep desire to influence our community for Christ. Among the many priorities of those early days was the need to personally meet the advisory board members who were supporting the work of the Army in that community.

I can still remember one visit in particular. I was with Norm, one of the longtime advisory board members. It was fairly early in the conversation when he asked me a direct question, “How old are you anyway?” I said, “I’m 25 years old.” Norm replied, “Gee whiz, I have grandchildren older than you!” It was then I looked him in the eye and with all the earnestness I could muster, said, “Just give us a chance and we promise to fulfill our roles, if you and the others will help us!”

In The Salvation Army, we are blessed to have many young adults who love Jesus and who really want to serve Him. Many of them are saying, “Just give us a chance” as I did all those years ago.

One of the key Strikepoint initiatives of our territory is Young Adult Empowerment. A simple definition of empowerment would be, “authority or power given to someone to do something.”

These days, we must listen to, encourage, train, and give our young adults the chance to “do something” for Christ and for The Salvation Army.

— Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere
Secretary for Program

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