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Joy, Satisfaction, and Faith in India

JoySatisfactionandFaith_insJeevan ‘Roy’ Pitta is a fourth–generation Salvationist and a soldier of The Salvation Army’s Central Corps in Chennai, India.

Having seen my father [Lt. Colonel Samuel Rathan] preaching the Gospel has had an enormous impact on the person I am today. I am indebted to my family, which brought me to The Salvation Army and encouraged me to attend every program and meeting in our corps.

I have been blessed to complete my higher education in English literature and in social work. But the path of giving back to the Army has given me so much. Today, I work as coordinator of the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) for the India Central Territory. My role is to direct holistic outreach to needy children in the area. My job gives me immense joy and satisfaction.

It is also rewarding to help women handle their own finances. When they learn how to do that, it changes their way of thinking about other aspects of their lives. They become more focused on helping their families. Unfortunately, helping to empower women in India has been difficult to do. Sometimes it is even more difficult when that help is coming from a Christian church. For example, if we go into a community while wearing our Salvation Army uniforms, they may not accept us, because sometimes a government comes to power in India that strictly prohibits teaching of the Gospel. We have to introduce ourselves, and let the leaders know that we are here to help the women. As we help, they learn that we are following the teachings of Jesus, and that is how they learn about Him.

Through The Salvation Army, I have been able to use my life experience, talents, and schooling to help bring souls into the Kingdom of God, feed the hungry, educate young minds on social issues, and help our sisters take control of their lives.

I have been saved through the ministry of The Salvation Army. I place myself into the hands of God and pray that He continues to lead me in my role.

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