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Join the ranks!

Salvation Army soldiers are the heartbeat of the Army! In the United States, there are almost 450,000 salvation soldiers.  Amazing, isn’t it? Yet, in order to join the fight for souls, more are needed. They are the ones who point others to the Kingdom, who share the love of God in communities, and who bring hope to a troubled world.

The 20/20 Vision plan speaks about our individual role as soldiers and places a heavy emphasis on making new soldiers—both junior and senior. The goal for the territory is for 1,000 junior and 1,000 senior soldiers to be enrolled each year. This grows the Army and strengthens its focus on the mission of “Transforming communities in the power of Jesus Christ, one life at a time.” We want and need salvation soldiers—yes! They must be good soldiers for Jesus Christ. 

Today, we must be in the battle against sin and we must do all we can to enlist and engage good soldiers in the salvation war. Bramwell Booth reminds us that “Our destiny is to seek and find and bring home the lost. You are to remember the forgotten, to guide those who have wandered. I want to say to everyone, ‘my comrade, what do you think and dream of? What lies nearest to your heart? Where is your ambition? In what direction do your hopes lie? Are you with the sheep which have been found or is your heart outside with those which are lost? They are all around you; there are whole flocks of them in every land.’” How are you doing in these areas? Who are you encouraging to come alongside you to join in the fight?

Consider 2 Timothy 4:5 (ISV), “But you must be clear–headed about everything. Endure suffering. Do the work of an evangelist. Devote yourself completely to your ministry.”

This is our battle plan; devotion to God and to the ministry to which He has called us. Do your part; bring others to join the ranks and to encourage you in the fight for souls.

— Colonel Paula Johnson
Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries

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