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‘It feels like home’

When we come together as brothers and sisters here at Old Orchard Beach (OOB), it serves two important purposes. The first one is that we do it for the Lord. It makes Him smile and rejoice to see us celebrate Him. He loves to see His children from all over come together as one.

Commissioners Swanson enjoy some 'quality time.'

Commissioners Swanson enjoy some ‘quality time.’

The second purpose is for each of us as individuals. Every officer, soldier, employee, and volunteer from our territory works hard, year round. Many of us arrive at OOB tired from the drive and from our daily lives. But when we meet our brothers and sisters, and we share and hear about the wonderful happenings in each of our corps. We feel grateful and renewed because even though things may seem stressful or difficult at home, we are reminded that God is watching over all of us. Although this beautiful part of the country can feel different from our corps, it still feels like home.

OOB is the perfect place to recharge, both spiritually and physically.

by Captain Samuel D. Alarcon

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