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Isn’t it amazing?

Superhero standing with raised arm and calling upI took a walk with my 4-year old grandson, Micah, the other day. It was a nature hike of sorts. We spent our time identifying and describing all the flora and fauna. I took the opportunity to make it not only an ecology lesson, but a spiritual one as well.

Me:      “Well, Micah, isn’t it amazing all that God has made?”

Micah:  “Yeah, He made everything; He even made me, Nana!”

Me:      “He’s everywhere, isn’t He, Micah?”

Micah:  “Yeah. You know what, Nana, God is in my heart too.”

Now I wanted to see how his 4-year old brain processed this deep theological truth so I pried a little further.

“Well, Micah, isn’t it amazing all that God has made?”

Me:      “How can God be in the trees, grass and flowers and in you?”

Micah:  “He’s a Super Hero!”

Me:      “You mean like Batman or Superman?”

He chuckled as if it was a ridiculous comment. I almost felt like our roles had been reversed!

Micah:  “Nana, God is the biggest Super Hero!”

Me:      “Thanks for keeping me straight, Micah.”


“These proverbs teach the naive how to become clever; they instruct the young in how to grow in knowledge and live with discretion.” Proverbs 1:4 (VOICE)