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Impactful Worship

Encourage Spirit–focused, well–planned, diverse worship that draws people to God.

In his book, Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster defines worship as “… a breaking into the Shekinah (glory) of God, or better yet, being invaded by the Shekinah of God.” I want to be invaded by God’s glory, and I pray you do too! The 20/20 Vision goal lays out three ways to help make this happen at our corps.

WORSHIP IS WELL PLANNED. Impactful worship requires preparation, both in putting elements together and in focusing our minds and hearts on worship. Notify participants ahead of time of their involvement. Implement a worship calendar so that all groups can plan according to the theme. Begin the worship meeting with a time for silent meditation or corporate prayer. We can’t be ready to break into God’s glory if we’re still thinking about the game we played in Sunday school.

Impactful worship will reflect our congregation and community. Language, music style, order of elements—all of these items should be open to change. The consistency of our Army around the world is a wonderful asset, however there is also strength in its flexibility.

  A former corps officer of mine printed at the bottom of a Sunday program, “Subject to change by the Holy Spirit.” Planning and preparation are important, but let’s not forget the goal – to hear the voice of God and respond to it. Impactful worship requires freedom from time, space, and traditional constraints so the Spirit has room to move.

— Kris Hevenor
Corps Sergeant Major, Lowell, Mass., Corps

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