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Heritage Museum goes online

To start 2021, The Salvation Army Heritage Museum, located on the first floor of Territorial Headquarters in West Nyack, N.Y., went online. Aficionados of Salvation Army history can now look at over 8,000 historical pictures and artifacts that go back to the Army’s official launch in America in 1880, right up to today.

Our Heritage Museum, though small, boasts some amazing finds. From Emma Westbrook’s Bible, one of the seven ‘Hallelujah Lassies’ who came here with George Scott Railton in 1880, to the protective helmets that our personnel wore at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, there’s something to interest everyone.

With the museum being closed to visitors due to COVID–19 safety requirements, the museum staff saw the importance of having a virtual component to fulfill its mission, appropriately referred to as “PPE.”

  • Preserve Salvation Army history through the collection of historical artifacts and writings, taking special care to catalogue, store, and maintain them according to professional standards and best practices.
  • Promote Salvation Army history, whether it’s by constructing an official display within the museum or creating online opportunities for learning. History is only relevant if it is shared and promoted to others. We promote our history with The Salvation Army’s best interests at heart and always strive to reflect the organization in a positive light.
  • Equip Salvationists of today with the knowledge of their glorious past to better inform them of the present mission. We do not teach history to invoke mere nostalgia for the past. The Heritage Museum supports the present–day soul–saving mission of The Salvation Army by teaching Salvationists what made the early Salvation Army so effective in reaching people for Christ and how we might do the same today within our contemporary cultural milieu.

Check out the link below to access the Heritage Museum’s online collection and start exploring.

by Rob Jeffrey, museum director

Also be sure to visit the Heritage Museum’s Facebook page “Museum People” zoomcast. There you’ll find short interviews by Rob Jeffrey with people who want to talk about Salvation Army history.