Vision Perspective

‘Here am I, send me’

“Follow God’s will for your life!” These are the words of admonition that we often share with new believers or those who are still searching for answers. Having the discernment needed to ascertain His will is often the difficult part.

I believe that the most joyful lives are those that are lived in God’s perfect will, following His plan, His direction. For some, myself included, that perfect will involves making a commitment to serve as an officer in The Salvation Army. For others, it involves taking another avenue of ministry and service.

An important component of the USA Eastern Territory’s 20/20 Vision Plan is to:

Reinforce the recruiting, the pre–training, and the mentoring of quality candidates for officership.

We take this seriously!

By definition, a candidate is “one likely or suited to undergo or be chosen for something specified” (Merriam–Webster). In a spiritual sense, we would add “one who is called and equipped by God for His blood and fire mission.”

So, I ask you to be in prayer for:

  • People who are seeking God’s will
  • Individuals who feel His calling to serve as officers in The Salvation Army
  • Discernment in the body of Christ
  • All believers, as we rededicate ourselves in service, wherever He leads
  • This great territory, as we look forward with His vision!

I challenge you to ask yourself the question, “Lord, what’s Your calling and purpose for my life?”

May our response be, “I surrender all to obey Thy call, Here am I, my Lord, send me.”*

*The Salvation Army Songbook #580

— Commissioner G. Lorraine Bamford
Territorial President for Women’s Ministries

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