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Healing the Divide

“These are the things that are important to me; faith, family, friends.”

— Barbara Bush

For me, the 1990s was a decade of transitions. The Salvation Army’s National Headquarters, where I had been employed by the War Cry as an editor, was moving from Verona, N.J. to Alexandria, Va.; my parents and my wife’s parents were transitioning into their final years of life.

What will remain among my most pleasant memories will be a letter I received from then First Lady Barbara Bush,* encouraging me to press on and wishing my “continued success” in doing good work for God and The Salvation Army.

Mrs. Bush, who passed recently, was an encourager who made me a friend. Years later, I received another letter of support from her that warmed my heart. This time she offered congratulations for the publication of one of my books. When I reflect on my time in The Salvation Army, I realize that her letters were career highlights.

In many ways, Barbara Bush used her influence to bring people together culturally, politically, racially, and socially. We need more like her to heal the divide; people who have courage and authentic concern for others.

*See “Great Moments”  for more on Mrs. Bush and The Salvation Army.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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