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‘He Needs Me In Honduras’

HeNeedsMeinHonduras_insSara Flores is a soldier at the San Pedro Sula Corps in Honduras.

Although I was born in Guatemala, at some point in our lives my siblings and I have called a dozen different corps all over Latin America “home.” It’s one of the perks of having officer parents. Each of those corps was special in their own way, and they prepared me for my time here in Honduras.

Five years ago when I came here, the corps family immediately drew me in. To see the members of the San Pedro Sula Corps is to see God’s love at work. They radiate the Word of the Lord. Despite their young age, they are active in the church, helping to organize events that you would expect a team of more experienced officers to do. They organize outreaches and programs for people their age and for older folks who suffer from addiction. The soldiers coordinate, plan, and even raise the money needed for these events. It fills my heart with joy to see this.

I am studying to be a systems engineer, and I know that someday my career may take me to a different part of the world. No matter where I go, I will always carry San Pedro Sula in my heart.

The Salvation Army will always be my church. Its work and mission will always be my work and mission. God is my constant and He has a perfect plan. I will serve wherever He needs me to serve. But today, He needs me in Honduras.

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