Guayama Kroc Gets Invaded by Army Dancers

Puerto Rico is alive with dance everywhere you look; there are studios and small theatres throughout downtown San Juan. The Guayama Kroc often hosts Salsa Nights and supports its growing Corps Dance Team. Dance is the fastest growing expression of worship in the USA Eastern Territory with attendance quadrupling in the last five years! We are indeed not only an army on its knees, but an army on its toes as well.

In April, the Guayama Kroc was invaded by SA dancers from all over the island. Dancers and dance leaders from the division flocked together for a weekend of workshops that focused on the foundations of dance technique and choreography for beginners. Squeezing into their single studio, 10-15 dancers per workshop shared in a total of 5 hours of movement and fellowship.

Perhaps the most meaningful moment was shared at the end of the final workshop. Sweaty and hot, the dancers sat together on the floor. They reviewed the piece they had worked on all afternoon and began to discuss its deep implications. The song was about being ready to give up on something or someone. Slowly, the dancers revealed their own struggles. That dance had represented something very real for many of them. They shared together and prayed together as their specific requests began to pour out onto the dance floor. The Spirit was moving.

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