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Girls’ Night In! Resource Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas for your friends or for your Women’s Ministries group?  Try a girls’ night.
Here are a few suggestions for some fun:

Host a spa night

Enjoy the evening with scented candles, face mask, pedicures or manicures. You might even try making this sugar scrub together and then you’ll all have a gift to take home!


DIY Night

Have everyone bring a project that they are working on and spend time doing your projects together. Or check out Pinterest for an activity that might interest everyone and do it together. Here’s an idea…


Around the World

Host a party that allows you to learn about the food and culture of a new country. Select the country together and then research foods from the country. The ‘cooks’ in the group could provide a sample of one or two of the recipes. Others in the group can find Youtube videos that can be shared that take you to the country of your choice! Here are some ideas…


Have a clothes swap

Gather up all the clothes and accessories that you don’t want anymore (or that don’t fit!). Set the clothes up around the room and go shopping! Be courteous – if you brought one top, then plan on taking only one top until everyone has had a chance to shop.

You can do this in your own home – or you can get together wherever you normally meet for Women’s Ministries. Just have fun – and be sure to post some pictures on our FB page:


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