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Whenever my grandchildren come to visit, they leave fingerprints everywhere. I jokingly tell my husband, “I can’t clean the house. There are fingerprints on the front door, on the tables, on just about everything!”

FingerprintsHowever, I find each of those fingerprints to be so beautiful. Those little hand marks are signs that someone was there, reaching out in his or her own way.

Earlier this year, we held the annual Candidates Seminar weekend event for young people who are thinking of attending the College For Officer Training to become Salvation Army officers.

In one of the college meeting halls, stood our Holiness Table. On Saturday morning before the meetings were underway and before so many people filled that hall, I noticed how the table was beautifully made of thick, clear, and spotlessly clean glass.

On Saturday night, after our gatherings had concluded, and after everybody had gone to the altar for prayer, I took another look at the table.

It was now covered in the fingerprints of all those people who had touched it. Yes, the Holiness Table was dirty. But it was made dirty by beautiful hands that had reached out to it. And in doing so, they had reached out to God.

I thought, I want to touch that table one more time, for myself.

On Sunday morning, I noticed that someone had cleaned the Holiness Table to prepare it for the day. Once again, it was spotless.

I then reached out and put my hands on the table. I wanted there to be evidence that someone had reached out to God and had left a mark.

The touch of my dirty hands is made clean by the blood of Christ.

Through His sacrifice, He has brought us all closer to Him.

I will continue to pray that there is always evidence on display of our reaching out to the Lord.

But for now, as promised, I must go home—and clean my house.

by Commissioner E. Sue Swanson

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