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Facts about The Salvation Army


William and Catherine Booth founded The Salvation Army in England.


The Salvation Army is a church and its message is based on the Bible. The churches, which can be found in nearly every community in the United States, are called “corps.” A corps is typically led by a married couple who are both ordained pastors and referred to as “officers.” There are almost 27,000 of these officers around the world.

There are 14,528 corps, outposts, societies, new plants, and recovery churches around
the world.


Globally, The Salvation Army operates 234 children’s homes, 150 senior homes, 38 homes for mothers and their babies, 39 maternity hospitals, and 30 hospitals.


Since its inception, The Salvation Army has helped people fight and recover from alcoholism, drug misuse, and other addictions and their side effects. Adult Rehabilitation Centers, commonly called “ARCs,” are where this work is conducted. There are 34 ARCs in the USA Eastern Territory where people live, perform work therapy, and receive counseling. Chapel services are also provided, if desired. The Christ–centered program is highly successful in helping to transform lives. The ARCs are funded by approximately 200 thrift stores in the territory called “Family Stores.”

1.8 Million

All people are welcome to attend the corps (church). The Salvation Army has 1.8 million followers.


Salvationists, Army employees, and volunteers minister in 131 countries worldwide. The international headquarters is in London and the Army is led by General Brian Peddle.


—All statistics from, 2019.