We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for all you are doing in your ministry.

As we know, the 20/20 Vision emphasizes that, “The Lord has blessed the Army with people to fulfill His work, while continuing to bring thousands of people our way each day, the Lord has given us a means of varying programs to reach the masses, and the Lord provides us with valuable provisions to accomplish His work.”

There are several attachments below, each of which is available in both English and Spanish and is downloadable for your use by clicking on them. First, you will find a stewardship poster for the year 2018 to help you encourage your soldiers to be stewards of their time, talents and treasure. In addition, you will find an instructions and an activity calendar with simple and family friendly ways to involve everyone at the corps in giving and bring awareness to everyone about the blessings and responsibility of stewardship.

May our God provide you with every good gift from heaven as you also share the same from your own lives.

Thank you for modeling and promoting good stewardship to those you serve.

 May God Bless you.

ENG_Stewardship Poster

SP_Stewardship Poster


ENG_Calendar Instructions



ENG_Calendar Activity

SP_Calendar Activity


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