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Evidence of His Love

Maye_Warren_2015In the July/August issue of SAConnects (magazine), you’ll witness how the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) continue to help rebuild troubled lives. You’ll also see new evidence that the love of God is working in the lives of people and in their families.

One such family is that of Colonels G. Lorraine and William A. Bamford lll, who will soon be our new territorial leaders. Although they’re already serving at Territorial Headquarters as territorial secretary for Women’s Ministries and as chief secretary, respectively, you will be fascinated to learn from where they’ve come. Their family’s story, written by managing editor Robert Mitchell, will take you five generations back to England where the Bamford and the Brown families got their start.

And among other stories, we’ll share an amazing transformation in the life of Timothy Humphrey, an ARC beneficiary who, through the help of The Salvation Army, turned his life around. For years, he struggled with addiction but ultimately found victory through recovery and faith in Jesus Christ.

Upon graduating from the program, Humphrey found employment at a construction company. Ironically, The Salvation Army contracted that company to build a chapel in Wilkes–Barre, Pa.

The Army helped Humphrey build a new life. In turn, he helped build a new chapel for the Army.

— Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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