SAconnects Magazine wins six awards

SAConnects magazine has won six Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards for the 2019 publishing year. EPA is a professional organization of Christian print and digital publications and the world’s largest professional organization for the evangelical periodical publishing industry. Each award is based on excellence in its category.

SAConnects has won 15 EPA awards since the magazine began five years ago. It ranks among the top five denominational magazines in the U.S., which includes a field of 31 magazines.

Award of Merit — Denominational Publication

Editorial Staff: Warren L. Maye, Bob Mitchell, Hugo Bravo, Reginald Raines, Lea L. Greene, Ryan Love

“Our desire is to connect people to inspiring true stories that model tomorrow’s Christian lifestyles. We also want to show how the Army meets human need by providing practical and spiritual resources. I’m truly blessed to be part of an amazing team of committed and innovative professionals who come together, solve difficult but exciting problems, and contribute their gifts to God’s Kingdom.”

— Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: A print publication serving as the official voice of a denomination.

Judges comment: “I’ve always heard positive things about The Salvation Army’s involvement in human trafficking — thanks for conveying it in such detail in your June issue.”

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First Place Winner — Cover

Author: Lea L. Greene, Reginald Raines

“The feature story in the September issue, “More Than a Sandwich,” is an in depth look at how The Salvation Army supports long–term disaster recovery operations. This cover was created to convey the idea, “in it for the long haul” connecting to the feature story. The Salvation Army provides an important service to those affected by disasters and this cover and accompanying story bring attention to just that.”

– Lea L. Greene, publication managing designer

This was judged based on the following criteria: Skill of execution | Creativity | Aesthetic appeal | Typography (including logo) | Communicative power

Judges comment: “A very strong cover in all ways. Keep up the great work. Everything comes together around an extraordinary photograph in this cover to perfectly catch the spirit of a unique ministry.”

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Third Place Winner — Cause of the Year Article — Biblical Literacy

Author: Robert Mitchell

Biblical Literacy was the Evangelical Press Association’s “Cause of the Year” in 2019. As a Sunday school teacher and youth worker at my church, the topic was also a personal concern. Our editorial team decided to make biblical literacy a theme of one of our issues. I had heard about the program Lieutenant Jonathan Lewis ran at the Pittsburgh Temple called “Man Cave Mondays.” Men from the corps and several recovery programs met each Monday for a Bible study, prayer, pizza, games, and fellowship.

“I flew to Pittsburgh and embedded myself in the group for the night. Our photographer, Ryan Love, joined me. I found the men amazingly transparent about their struggles. Lieutenant Lewis shared from the book of James but kept coming back to the importance of Bible reading, prayer, and quiet time.”

– Robert Mitchell, managing editor

 This was judged based on the following criteria: Composition | Technique | Appropriateness to context | Clarity of communication | Impact for reader

Judges comment: “Wonderful article highlighting the transformation that takes place when God’s Word, combined with caring leaders engages with men at an Adult Rehabilitation Center.”

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Fourth Place Winner — Evangelism Article

Author: Robert Mitchell, Warren L. Maye

“This collaborative effort combined several interviews with well–known thought leaders in the area of evangelism. Ultimately their opinions and strategies pointed to a single, compelling message.”

– Robert  Mitchell, managing editor

“We pray this piece will inspire Christians to know their purpose and pursue it with compassion and courage.”

– Warren L. Maye, editor in chief

This was judged based on the following criteria: Faithfulness to Gospel | Cultural relevance | Practicality | Clarity of writing | Motivational effectiveness

Judges comment: “Overall this article does what it is intended to do which is to get back to meeting people face–to–face and bringing the Gospel to them.

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Fifth Place Winner — Photo Feature

Author: Ryan Love, Warren L. Maye, Lea L. Greene

“To capture this photograph, I traveled to the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.  This area is known for its wide–spread drug use and sex–work and trafficking. We wanted the proximity of the New Day Women’s Center and the nearby illicit video store to be highlighted in the photo so I needed to wait until dark when both signs would be illuminated. This, understandably, led to some challenges in this particular neighborhood.

I used a small aperture to achieve the starbursts on the lights. Initially, I didn’t intend on capturing the light trails from the vehicles,  but after taking a few initial photos, I felt the right side of the composition was lacking so I adjusted my settings for a long exposure. I ended up compositing 3 different images to achieve interesting light trails on the vehicles and motion blur on the pedestrians. I feel the resulting image is very strong and captures the feel of this area at night”

—Ryan Love, staff photographer

This was judged based on the following criteria: Impact | Design/layout | Creativity | Technique | Text–photo coordination

Fifth Place Winner — Single Theme Issue

Author: Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, Hugo Bravo, Reginald Raines, Lea Greene, Ryan Love

“A Salvation Army anti–human trafficking team in New York City provided a unique perspective on this important topic. We embedded ourselves among them for an incredible evening of discovery.”

– Robert Mitchell, managing editor

This was judged based on the following criteria: Organization and layout | Writing | Use of imagery | Thoroughness of coverage | Title

Judges comment: “SAconnects is a pace setter in the crowded Christian
marketplace. Congratulations on thoroughness and excellence for your section on Human Trafficking.”

“SAconnects tackles with excellence the difficult subject of human trafficking.”

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