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Double Whammy

“Baby, I’m going to make your life better than it is right now,” is a popular line used by predators to lure unsuspecting women into lives of sexual slavery. At the time of this writing, even Allison Mack, TV star of “Smallville,” pled guilty for her role in trafficking women under the guise of helping their business careers.

This case is just one of many examples that illustrate just how pervasive the conspiracy to commit forced labor has become in our society. Promises of belonging to a family, knowing real love, and having financial security can seem irresistible to women who have painfully struggled to survive in the absence of these things. The additional flow of opioids into every community is a double whammy that leaves many women physically, emotionally, and spiritually broken.

In our next issue, we’ll explore how The Salvation Army is attacking these problems on many fronts. You’ll read testimonies from women who have survived “the life” and who’ve emerged as advocates for women still caught up in it. We’ll visit Salvationists who courageously and tirelessly serve such women, offering them a way out.

You’ll also discover the Army’s long history on this battlefield. From the legendary Major Betty Baker, who in the 1970s rescued women from the streets of New York City, to Major Sue Dunigan, who today leads the USA Eastern Territory’s outreach to victims of sexual trafficking, you’ll see how these soldiers are beating the odds and winning souls for Christ.

— Warren L. Maye, Editor in Chief

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