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Do you have a favorite hymn?

I remember many years ago when I was just beginning my walk with the Lord, hearing the song ‘Be Thou My Vision’ for the first time. I recall thinking, “wow-what an incredible encounter the writer must have had with God to be able to write such beautiful and powerful words.” In my situation at the time, as I was choosing to look everywhere but to the Father for help, the words were both convicting and relatable . “Heart of my own heart WHATEVER BEFALL (that means good, bad, joyful and heartbreaking) still be my vision..”. I find the tune of this song being hummed from my lips often, as I walk down the hall or walk my dogs or get in my car-as an occasional reminder to not lose sight of the One who has everything in His control.God can speak so lovingly through music. What hymn, tune, song speaks to you and why?

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