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Cultivate – Young Adult Cohort 2


Do you want more from your spiritual life?

Do you want to connect more deeply, more often, more intentionally with God?

Is your soul running on empty more than it’s running on full?


Click HERE for the Cultivate-Young Adult Application


Cultivate Young Adult is a 10-month online course that will take you deeper in your spiritual experience.  It is a partner ministry to the existing “Cultivate!”course and has been developed to reach Young Adults (18-35-ish officers & Holy Longingsoldiers) throughout the Eastern Territory.

Those participating will be lead by facilitators from around the Territory, hand-selected to cover topics found in the course’s source material, The Holy Longing by Ronald Rolheiser.

Channeling the deep, mysterious desires of our hearts, Ronald Rolheiser leads readers from restlessness to peace, showing a contemporary path to authentic and healthy spiritual life.

Cultivate Young Adult is specifically for those who are seeking a deeper spiritual experience.  Through the program, participants will “Cultivate”:
1) Their “inner life” with the introduction of Spiritual Disciplines
2) An understanding of a Biblical model of self-soul care
3) Participation within a community of other like-minded young adults.

There will be only twenty-four individuals selected from across the Territory to participate in Cultivate Young Adult.  If accepted, you will be part of that group, our second Cohort.  You will be expected to spend 4-5 hours per week on the course.  Your work will include reading the book, reading and responding to posts by other cohort members and writing your own assignments.

There is a retreat* scheduled for March 2-5, 2017 at Camp Ladore where the Cohort will meet to share, worship and continue to dive into spiritual formation and the spiritual disciplines.


  • To provide young adults throughout the territory with an extended and guided opportunity to deepen their spiritual life
  • To lay a spiritual foundation for the next generations of lay and officer leaders
  • To continue to strive to meet the young adult “Deepening”Strike point


Click HERE for the Cultivate-Young Adult Application


*There is a cost associated with the Cultivate-Young Adult Retreat from March 2-5.  Officers pay $396 through their appointment, and Soldiers pay $100, to be worked out personally or in conjunction with the corps/division, as deemed appropriate on those levels.