Women's Ministries

Community Care Ministries

Community Care Ministries is designed to train people to help those in need.Often the weakest, most vulnerable, forgotten of our society. There are no limits to show compassionate, transformational care; it is simply people caring for one another in very practical ways. Doing Good Deeds.

COMMUNITY SERVICES: Work on beautification projects such as park clean-ups, planting flowers or special events such as block parties, parades or carnivals. Provide needs-oriented services such as visits, cleaning or helping with groceries.CCM

LEAGUE OF MERCY: Includes visitations to hospitals and nursing homes. Other opportunities include worship services, individual visits, adopt-a-grandparent, seasonal gift distribution and special events.

SERVICES TO CORPS FELLOWSHIP: Provide practical services such as transportation or acts of kindness such as helping with meals, groceries, cleaning or childcare.

TELEPHONE REASSURANCE: Phone someone who is lonely. Be part of a Telephone Ministry through conversation, connection, concern and compassion.

VETERANS AFFAIRS VOLUNTARY SERVICE (VAVS): Visitation of hospitalized veterans.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call your local Salvation Army.


For more information you may contact:

Major Betty Deming


Community Care Ministries Secretary