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Comedian Michael Jr.’s book delivers a punchline

Known as one of today’s most gifted communicators, Christian comedic thought leader Michael Jr. brings laughter and encouragement to audiences all over the world. He uses comedy and insightful storytelling to inspire people to discover and pursue their God–given purpose.

His unique skill set has elevated him to popular stages such as “The Tonight Show” on NBC, TEDx talks, and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” His mission to “make laughter commonplace in uncommon places” also takes him behind to scenes where people live in shelters, prisons, and in special homes.

His screen appearances include Sony Pictures’ feature film “War Room,” as well as starring roles in “Selfie Dad,” “Laughing on Purpose,” and “More Than Funny.”

Most recently, Michael Jr. wrote a book entitled Funny How Life Works. He writes, “We all have setbacks that can be used as a set up so we can deliver our punchline to the world.”


Levity as a lifestyle

The book is a fascinating and funny behind–the–scenes peek at Michael Jr.’s life and ministry journey. His stories are designed to make audiences laugh, think, and change. Along the way, he reveals the secrets to a comedian’s process and craft. He helps readers understand how that process can translate into a personal lifestyle.

Pastor and management guru John Maxwell, who wrote the foreword, says, “You’ll find a smile, a surprise, and a life changing insight on every page.”

“To some degree, my comedic way is a gift,” said Michael Jr. in an exclusive interview with SACONNECTS magazine. “But other people can learn it too by making sure that they don’t get locked into the story they tell themselves about their story.”

Michael Jr. says that one of the best questions a person can ask about their life story is, “What else could this mean?”

“For example, a guy discovers he was adopted. But he assumes that means his biological parents didn’t love him. But what else could it mean? It could mean that his parents loved him so much, that they didn’t want him to go through what they went through so, they gave him away. So, simply asking the question, ‘What else could it mean?’ makes a difference.”


Three things to remember or is it four?

“There are three things that people always think happens when something goes down,” says Michael Jr. “For example, if someone yelled my name right now and sounded angry, I would see and hear that, then I would feel an emotion based on it, and then I would act.

“But what most people don’t realize is that, after the first step of seeing and hearing, we attach a meaning to it. That meaning is where the emotion comes from. After the emotion sets in, then we act. So, if we could be sensitive enough to question the meaning, all that other stuff changes significantly. Romans 12 reminds us that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

Michael Jr. says that, to make that muscle strong in our mind, we must first apply it to areas that are not so sensitive and personal to us. “For example, if you’re watching a basketball game and one of the players throws the ball in such a way that you assume he’s upset, stop and ask yourself, ‘What else could this mean?’ Practice this on other situations, and soon it’ll be easy to apply it to yourself.”

Michael Jr. says the funny part of life is how it sets us up, but God gives us the ability to deliver the punchline.

“Your punchline is what you’ve been called to deliver,” he says. “Most people understand what their setup is, but very few people really understand what their punchline is, which is what they’re called to deliver.”

by Warren L. Maye

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