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On the Tuesday night of our mission trip, I read the Bible and came across Acts 28. It tells the story of the Apostle Paul’s visit to the city of Malta and the subsequent spiritual growth in the people there—and in himself. This story felt relevant to me during the SASF’s time in Baton Rouge, La. Paul’s presence in Malta was a fitting model for our own mission trip.

When Paul arrives, the people warmly welcome him. But as he gathers wood to make a fire, a snake bites him. They see this and expect him to immediately swell up and perish. But to their surprise, Paul lives. What causes him to survive that bite is a mystery and the people begin to see him as a god.

They follow Paul as he visits the home of Plubius, a wealthy landowner whose father is ill. Paul sits with the sick man, prays to God, and lays his hand on the man. Immediately, Plubius’ father is healed.

The observers who witness this miracle now understand who Paul is and who God is. Surviving the snake bite remains a mystery to the people, but now, they know Paul is working from God’s strength rather than from his own. The people approach Paul, pray with him, and ask him to heal them too. His actions become a community outreach. God’s miracle through Paul brings souls to the Lord.

It’s good to experience spiritual growth through your actions, and it is more important for the people you help to grow spiritually as they observe your actions. Just as the people of Malta saw Christ through Paul, may others today see Christ working through you, during a mission trip or in your own community.

—  Written by Alexis Baergas, a sophomore at Houghton College. This was her first mission trip as a member of SASF.

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