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Christ died for ‘your mess’

Point of Grace vocalist Denise Jones shared some transparent moments with the audience during the trio’s concert at the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings.

Jones said when she reached her 40s, the pressures of being a parent and a Christian performer with a constant smile became too much. She also felt she had to perform for Jesus to love her.

A self–described “mess,” Jones sought the help of a counselor, who reminded her what Jesus really thought of her.

Point of Grace performs in the Pavilion at OOB.

Point of Grace performs in the Pavilion at OOB.

“The truth is, He just loves me. Period,” Jones says. “I just needed to be reminded of that. He loves you so much. He knew your mess and He died on the cross for you anyway. You don’t have to prove yourself. You’ve just got to trust Him.

“I am so thankful for that [time spent] at the counselor’s office because it has reminded me just how precious my Lord and Savior is and just how He gets me through the day and He is my friend and my God.”

Today’s version of Point of Grace, a hugely popular group in the Christian music world, features Jones, Shelly Breen, and Leigh Cappillino. The group started as a quartet in 1991 with Breen and Jones among the founding members.

The group was scheduled to perform at last year’s camp meetings, but a rainstorm left them stranded in Newark, N.J.

“We were so sad and just hated that,” says Breen.

This time, some of the group drove to Maine a few days early to be sure they made it.

by Robert Mitchell

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