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Personal Reflection | TAM Conservatory | Chaya Jugenheimer

Chaya Jugenheimer

I have attended TAM Conservatory for six years and every single year I have encountered God in a new way through dance, prayer, and worship. Similar to prior years, I expected God to move in mighty ways (as He always does) but this year was different. This year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the dance leadership
track where we had daily small group discussions about what it means to lead in humility.

While I have been a dance teacher at my corps since the age of 15, I had never really considered myself as a leader. I felt too young, underqualified, and not enough. However, through interactions with other young leaders at TAM, God reminded me that He is enough and as long as I offer what I have to Him, He will take care of everything else.

Not only did God speak to me through our daily discussion, I also felt His powerful presence through prayer. For the past few years, ConnectUp, a traveling prayer team led by Mitch and Katie Luse, has attended TAM and ministered to the students through personal prayer sessions. As this was my second year signing up for a session, I knew I was going to have a personal encounter with the Lord but didn’t know how. Within my thirty minute time slot, God helped me release pain, doubt, and fear that I had been holding on to for months. In return, He gave me hope, reassurance, and overwhelming peace. He exceeded all of my expectations once again. I felt His presence in a new and deeper way in which I didn’t know was possible.

Within the six years that I have attended TAM Conservatory, I have grown so much in my walk with the Lord. Every single year I am reminded of God’s never-ending love, the power of His presence, and the importance of trusting Him. And every year, it has been beautiful to sit back and watch as He exceeds all of my expectations.